Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

by edwin - on October 6th, 2014

horse-head-squirrel-feederIf you happen to know of some squirrels that tend to frolic around in your garden, perhaps it is then time to consider giving them some sort of rewards or treats. Why not leave some free food for them on the outside? If that is the case (or will be), might I suggest something that is even more fun? I am referring to this hilarious looking £14.99 Horse Head Squirrel Feeder, where it will definitely make others in the neighborhood wonder whether you are some sort of weird and twisted fan of the Godfather series, knowing that you have the inkling on giving people an offer that they cannot refuse. Made from hollow weatherproof vinyl, the Horse Head Squirrel Feeder can easily be hung from a branch, and it will turn a squirrel into a surrealist equine creature momentarily.

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