Giant Lobster Claws

by edwin - on October 8th, 2014

giant-lobster-clawsWhenever you head out for a fancy dress party, I am quite sure that there is a very good reason to choose that particular costume, whether from practical reasons, or you are a huge fan of that particular character, or if you would like to keep to the overall theme of that party. Well, one thing is for sure, with Halloween coming right up at the end of this month, the £24.99 Giant Lobster Claws would certainly attract plenty of attention in your direction, as you drop the use of your fingers for a pair of oversized pincers. It is made out of latex and yet looks so real, while making sure you would be the clear winner in any handshake size ups. However, sacrifices must be made – you would have to ditch the flexibility of your digits in this case, but hey, fret not – in a fight, you’d probably win. After all, claws over fists, right?

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