Faux Fireplace Decal could fool just about anybody

by edwin - on October 15th, 2014

faux-fireplace-decalFor those of us who happen to live in the northern hemisphere, it is more or less common knowledge at this point in time that winter is about to arrive in a couple of months’ time or so thereabouts, considering how we are well into autumn already. This would mean having to worry about heating bills for some of us, and that might involve either an electric heater or that of a traditional fireplace. The latter is a whole lot more romantic, that is for sure, although it might require you to do more cleaning up in the long run. Well, since this world is all about having the best of both worlds whenever possible, it would be disappointing to say that the $69.95 Faux Fireplace Decal offers only the look of the real deal, but doesn’t do anything else. This is a UV-resistant decal which will rely on a special kind of low-tack adhesive that adheres quickly, although it will peels off effortlessly.

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