Dancing Groot Vinyl Pop Figure

by edwin - on October 1st, 2014

baby-grootFor those of you who have already watched Guardians of the Galaxy, I am quite sure that you had a stupendous time with the movie. After all, this particular movie certainly did touch all of the various points of the human emotion, and you can be sure that Groot, despite the rather limited lines in the entire movie, was more than endearing to most of us out there. Hence, the little Groot that we saw in the end melted a fair share of hearts along the way, and here is the $9.99 Dancing Groot Vinyl Pop Figure that will be able to, well, dance! What else did you expect it to do? This is an officially licensed Guardians of the Galaxy figure, and is made out of vinyl, bobbing away in a manner that the real Groot would approve of.

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