Captain America 16oz Molded Mug

by edwin - on October 31st, 2014

captain-america-16oz-molded-mugA drinking mug is an extremely personal thing – and most of the time, some of us do happen to have a mug that we are comfortable with using, calling it our own, so much so that it is anathema in a friendship or working relationship to use other people’s mugs without permission. If you have a great love for all the qualities that the fictional character of Captain America holds and stands for, then the $14.99 Captain America 16oz Molded Mug would be the ideal purchase. You get Captain America’s chiseled mug on your mug (pun intended), and it can hold up to 16 oz. of your beverage of choice. Each sip might make you feel empowered, as though you were taking in the super soldier serum, so make sure you kick off the day on the right note with this unique mug!

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