Big Blue Whale Strainer

by edwin - on October 31st, 2014

big-blue-whale-strainerAre all strainers created equal? Not really, it seems, as there do seem to be strainers that are different in terms of design as well as make up compared to the traditional and perhaps, even boring design. Not so with the plastic made $9.99 Big Blue Whale Strainer, and from the name itself, you can tell that this is one charming strainer that will allow you to strain the likes of pasta from a really large pot. It is a hand-held strainer that would allow one to make a big splash in the kitchen, and just like the real life world, it will be no stranger when it comes to filtering its plankton from massive amounts of water. This particular strainer is small enough to fit anywhere in the kitchen, and it does not have the disgusting smell of blubber, too.

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