Unicorn Wishes Button

by edwin - on September 7th, 2014

unicorn-wishesI do wonder what is the whole point of having this $12.99 Unicorn Wishes Button around. Won’t it make a whole lot more sense if this button had a genie printed all over it, since genies are the ones who traditionally gives out wishes – limiting it to three and yet having the clause that it cannot be used to ask for more wishes? Well, since a unicorn is nigh impossible to find, I suppose with that being wishful thinking certainly justifies owning the Unicorn Wishes Button. Press it and you will hear one of six magical Unicorn Wish phrases play back in random, including “Hug a rainbow and your dreams will come true!”, “When you’re riding a Unicorn, anything is possible!”, “Remember, your imagination is your best friend!”, “Always follow your dreams and they will lead you to magical places”. “You’re not weird, you’re just a Unicorn!”, and “If you believe in Unicorn magic, you can do anything!. It comes with a battery to help you get started right out of the box.

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