Tyre Swing Bird Feeder

by edwin - on September 29th, 2014

tyre-swing-bird-feederSo, you have compassion on a family of birds that you saw nesting somewhere in the corner of your roof? Perhaps you might want to encourage more of these feathered fans to take up residence in your home – what are you to do then? Well, take the easy way out by actually purchasing the £14.99 Tyre Swing Bird Feeder, and voila – everything is done and prepared for you right from the get go without having to break even a single bead of sweat. The Tyre Swing Bird Feeder would help make birdwatching even more fun than it already is, and it lets your little feathered friends relive the joys of your tyre-swinging days when you were young. It is made from high-quality ceramics, and if you happen to snap a photo of it while placing it on a social network channel, it will surely mess around with people’s sense of scale.

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