Trash ‘Stache Trucker

by edwin - on September 24th, 2014

trash-tascheNow this is one hat that you might think twice about wearing, unless you would want to get laughed at by everyone who crosses your path. Basically, if you have been having issues trying to grow a decent amount of facial hair, but have been unsuccessful in your endeavors, perhaps the $18.95 Trash ‘Stache Trucker will be able to do the trick. In fact, it can be deemed to be the perfect accessory when it comes to cookouts, Nascar, swap meets, CB radio club and for making moonshine. It goes down well with a beer-stained t-shirt, plaid, and denim. Not only that, if you are in a real rush to dress up for a last minute Halloween party invite, the Trash ‘Stache Trucker will fit the bill nicely.

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