Strong Brew Sword Tea Infuser

by edwin - on September 18th, 2014

sword-infuserSo, you love your afternoon tea to bits, and simply cannot make do without a cuppa each day as you reflect on what has happened, and what could be in due time. Infusing your tea can be done in the traditional and boring method, but why would you want to do so when there is the $10.99 Strong Brew Sword Tea Infuser? This is one unique tea infuser which will be able to turn you into a knight in shining armor, at least for an afternoon. Perfectly suited for it to be served at the Knights of the Round Table – or in your case, it might be a square table right in your living room or kitchen. This is a crucial caffeine infusing weapon that will help do its bit to combat whatever sleepiness that you will experience every day after a particularly heavy lunch.

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