Scented Belgian Waffle Coin Purses

by edwin - on September 2nd, 2014

scented-belgian-waffleWhenever you are hungry, you would then do the necessary to make sure that there is some sort of grub around to fill up your stomach. However, things do get a little bit more complicated when you are out of cash – which means it is time to resort to the normal “student on a shoestring budget diet”, that is, to survive on bread as well as instant noodles. The £8.99 Scented Belgian Waffle Coin Purses is definitely tempting to look at – not to mention smell, where it does look like the spitting image of a delicious Belgian Waffle, accompanied by an invigorating ‘cake’ scent. There are three equally appetizing flavors to choose from, including chocolate, and children might actually get so tempted by it, you might see teeth marks on them when left alone.

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