Marvel Comics Golf Club Covers

by edwin - on September 28th, 2014

marvel-golf-club-coversYou know that superheroes are here to always save the day, right? The thing is, how many of them are truly capable of handling a “normal” life – most of them would feel pretty frustrated being where they are, unless you’re someone of note like Tony Stark who can lead a perfectly carefree life outside of his Iron Man suit. Still, for all his money in the bank, he is unable to discover an alloy which can make an indestructible golf club, which is why some driver covers are needed for his golf self. Why not market himself, being the narcissist that he is, with the $24.99 Marvel Comics Golf Club Covers? One can choose from Iron Man or Spider-man driver cover designs, where the latter will probably see some royalties sent over to Peter Parker to help him pay his rent.

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