Ketchup Pen & Mustard Highlighter

by edwin - on September 9th, 2014

ketchup-mustard-highlighterIf you need to highlight something in your notes or textbook, perhaps you might want to ask your neighbor to pass you the ketchup. Wait a minute here, did I lose my marbles or something? Actually not, especially when you take the $8.49 Ketchup Pen & Mustard Highlighter into consideration. The name of this particular product describes things perfectly, where it has been cleverly disguised as a mustard and ketchup bottle, and is a surefire manner of drawing attention to your work desk. Of course, those who still have wistful thoughts of the summer’s BBQ session will definitely want to pick up one of these, where each purchase comprises of a set of two – the Black Ink Ketchup Pen and Yellow Mustard Highlighter.

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