Golf Scorzie

by edwin - on September 3rd, 2014

golf-scorzieThe game of golf does prove to be rather addictive to some folk, and while I do not deny that walking across all 18 holes is somewhat equivalent to that of a nice exercise session, it is not a sport that one ought to take up if the main objective is to shed those pounds around the waist. Having said that, keeping the score in a game of golf is best done with a pencil and a scorecard, as using one’s mental faculties alone is not going to cut the mustard, especially if you happen to be golfing with a group of buddies and your conversations become so engrossing, that the lot of you would have forgotten how many strokes you have taken each. I guess this is where the Golf Score Keeping Koozie comes in handy, and it works great in other situations as well if you simply want a place to hold your drink without wetting your hand.


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