E-Racers to the fore!

by edwin - on September 9th, 2014

eracersThis is sheer genius – the ability to play with the way a word sounds as well as spell it out to convey yet another meaning. With the $8.99 E-Racers, one would be quick (pardon the pun) to remove any kind of mistakes that one has made while writing or drawing, and yet will also be able to take some much needed time off from work by playing. Basically, the E-Racers will sport a quartet of wheels and pull back spring mechanism integrated within, allowing you to challenge and friend to see who makes it past the finish line. I am quite sure the aerodynamics and stability of the individual E-Racer will change as you use it more and more to correct writing and drawing mistakes, giving you yet another opportunity to learn about engineering along the way.

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