D20 Critical Hit Mini Cake Pan

by edwin - on September 22nd, 2014

d20-dice-panSo, you have a great love when it comes to baking, and this particular passion is rivaled only by your love for all things Dungeons and Dragons. Since the rest of your group are too busy thinking of what they would do in a particular scenario as presented by the Dungeon Master, your quick thinking the night before has caused you to bake a delicious set of tiny cakes using the $12.99 D20 Critical Hit Mini Cake Pan, and while the rest of your party end up trying something silly to get out of a predicament, you take a more direct route – showing the world that relationships in the real world can affect what happens in the game world, as you offer your mini cakes as a sacrificial offering to the Dungeon Master. Somehow, you and your party were magically transported to a sanctuary where they can heal and recuperate after the DM wolfs down whatever you had baked.

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