Can of Potato Chip Coasters

by edwin - on September 30th, 2014

potato-chip-coastersHaving a set of coasters to go along with your fine mahogany table is always a good idea – after all, it would be pretty sad to see watermarks appear on that expensive table of yours right after you have entertained your guests, right? Having said that, what is the point of serving your guests with some ice cold drinks when there is no finger food to go along with it? Snacks like chips (or nachos if you prefer a healthier alternative) would be a pretty decent fare, and this is where the $12.99 Can of Potato Chip Coasters might just let you pull a fast one on your guests – or at least to leave them impressed with your choice of coasters that come shaped and colored just like a ruffled potato chip. Each set will feature four coasters stashed away in a resealable chips can.

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