1-Up Mushroom Cupcake Pan

by edwin - on September 16th, 2014

1up-mushroomMario has made the world think that getting a mushroom equals to having an extra life in the game, and the iconic 1Up sound effect, too, has impacted generations along the way. Well, just as the passage of time has passed by, and you now have children of your own, isn’t it time you subtly introduced various elements of video games to your household, starting them young? This is where the $9.99 1-Up Mushroom Cupcake Pan is a hoot to have at home, as you can bake delicious dessert “1upcakes”, so to speak, decorating it accordingly with the frosting or fondant of your choice. Each mold is capable of churning out a quartet of mushrooms that will not only make you happy, but your children would probably clamor for more, too.

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