Zombie Alert Button

by edwin - on August 26th, 2014

zombie-alert-buttonAh, another day, another particular purchase that has something to do with them undeads, the slow, brain-loving zombies. Well, you will need to equip yourself with the necessary skills to survive a particular zombie apocalypse, and that would include being a wee bit more selfish than you are normally used to, such as stocking up all the supplies in the area and fortifying your home. After all, I would like to think that zombies are not the major threat in such a scenario, but rather, it would be desperate humans with a mind that still works, that could be one’s undoing. Still, you can always carry the $12.99 Zombie Alert Button with you – just in case. Pressing it will have one of half dozen phrases spoken, including “Zombie Alert! Zombie Alert!”, “Zombie detected in premises!”, “Attention: Zombies Ahead!”, “Warning! You have been exposed to the virus.”, “Proceed to quarantine.”, and “All infected persons must be terminated.”

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