Writer’s Block Pencil & Sharpener

by edwin - on August 26th, 2014

writers-blockBeing a writer might be seen to be something that is fantastic, as you get to churn out yarns according to your own whim and fancy, and if you are a big time author, folks would actually fork out good money to read what your imagination has given birth to. Of course, there are speed bumps along the way in any career, and a writer is no different. Most folks would term this to be the writer’s block, and well, here is a humorous take at such a situation in the form of the $5.99 Writer’s Block Pencil & Sharpener that will definitely add some laughter to your workspace. It is a definite conversation starter on your desk, and since it comes in the form of a toilet plunger, you can be sure that whatever blockages there are at the moment in your mental pipes? They ought to be flushed out in a jiffy.

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