Stinky Candles

by edwin - on August 14th, 2014

stinky-candlesFart jokes do get old pretty fast, but this time around, you might want to take note of this stinky practical joke – except that it has nothing to do with farts at all. All right, perhaps somewhat, although the scope is a whole lot larger. The £8.99 Stinky Candles are definitely not something to be laughed at – nor sniffed at, either. It will arrive in the following smelly versions – Body Odor, Fast Food, Onion, Petrol, Urinal, and Vomit. It will definitely go right straight to your nostrils for sure, as you let the recipient of this gift “bask” in the instantly recognizable and offensive scents. No longer do you need to wake up and smell the roses – they make for a wonderful wake up call, these Stinky Candles.

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