Richie the Repeating Rabbit

by edwin - on August 29th, 2014

richieDo you feel that creatures like rabbits and hamsters “burn out” far too soon? After all, when you see them nibbling on something, it is as though there simply isn’t enough time in the world to finish up that meal, and they go about doing things in an extremely hurried manner. Having said that, here is something that has to do with a rabbit, although it borders more on the annoying. Powered by AAA batteries, the $15.99 Richie the Repeating Rabbit might be cute as a button, but talk to him and he will simply repeat what you just said in a funny, bunny voice. Squeeze his hand and a yellow light will appear to indicate that you ought to say something for up to half a minute, and when you’re done, Richie The Repeating Rabbit will just blabber everything you have said – word for word, in that signature cute little voice of his.

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