Polaroll Toilet Paper

by edwin - on August 27th, 2014

pola-roll-paperTaking a dump is not exactly something that all of us would like to announce to the rest of the world, as it is something that should be done quietly and discreetly, not to mention ensuring that you leave no evidence – either olfactory or through sight, behind for whoever is next to occupy the same stall as you did earlier on. Having said that, some of us tend to spend a whole lot more time in the toilet than others are comfortable with, as we bring in our favorite book or comic to read. If you would like to extend the same “grace” to other like minded folks who drop by your home, but do not want your precious books to get soiled, how about getting them the $5.95 Polaroll Toilet Paper instead? Each sheet offers a square image that one would be able to find on Instagram, or on an old-fashioned Polaroid instant camera that definitely rolls back the years.

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