Panda Pile-Up

by edwin - on August 9th, 2014

panda-pile-upHave you ever played Jenga? Well, how about taking the idea of Jenga and add some more suspense to it – to the tune of a hundred more times? That is what you get with the £24.99 Panda Pile-Up, where you will not use your fingers, which are “tools” that you are a whole lot more familiar with since you have been using them all your life, but rather, your skill with chopsticks will come into question here. The objective of the game is to balance the pandas on top of one another, which will be situated on top of a precarious tire. In fact, to up the challenging level, you can always arrange the tyre in a variety of positions, and as the pile of pandas start to mount up, so too, will the unbearable pressure.

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