Metal Rockstar Nail File

by edwin - on August 23rd, 2014

rockstar-nail-fileSome of us like to chew on our nails, and when that happens, you can see some tell-tale signs – such as extremely short nails, unevenly grown nails, and perhaps the two front teeth being farther out than they are supposed to be. Well, if you happen to chew on your nails frequently but would like to conceal that fact from the others (since you only get the chewing done in private), then perhaps getting the £6.99 Metal Rockstar Nail File might be worth a try. It will ensure how your nails will “steal the show”, so to speak, as it comes in the shape of a ‘Flying V’ guitar, being a double-sided, 150/180 grade nail file that will smooth your nails to perfection. You’ll have to provide your very own tunes whenever you file your nails though.

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