Full Act Safety Helmet Hood

by edwin - on August 2nd, 2014

folder-safety-helmetIt is said that when crunch time comes, one would find it pretty easy to forgo everything and attempt to achieve a particular goal. After all, it is great to just forge forward without giving too much thought about one’s well being, or even if you look silly, simply because you believe in a particular cause. When your life hangs in the balance and someone suggests that wearing a strange outfit is going to save your life, you would most probably do so. That applies to the $72 Full Act Safety Helmet Hood – where you are guaranteed to draw strange stares no matter where you turn to while wearing this on your head. The Full Act Safety Helmet Hood is a compact helmet that also doubles up as a folder, allowing you to access everything inside as and when required. Talk about a multi-purpose tool, considering how it holds a whistle to boot, in case of an emergency.

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