Desktop Tennis Set

by edwin - on August 27th, 2014

desktop-tennis-setHow many of you like to play tennis, but somehow dread to do all of the running over a rather large court just to chase a ball, not to mention getting drenched in sweat afterwards? Well, if you are all right with the idea, but would not want to let your legs move around too much, there is always the classic throwback of enjoying a round of table tennis instead. Enter the $11.99 Desktop Tennis Set, where all that is required would be a simple table, and you’re good to go. Not only that, there is no need to be on the lookout for a pair of tennis shoes that are on sale, your work attire is good enough to play nice at the office. Each purchase will include mini bats/paddles, a net with supporting wood poles, suction cups and a full-size ping pong ball.

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