Cha-Ching Bottle Stopper – 100 Dollar Bill

by edwin - on August 28th, 2014

chaching-bottle-stopperJust to show the world how much bling you actually have, you need not have to drive into town decked out in a Lamborghini, opening up bottles of Kristal as well to share with all of your friends. However, with the $8.99 Cha-Ching Bottle Stopper, it is the perfect opportunity to show off just how well you’re doing – in a fake, and good natured way, of course. This is a cleverly disguised $100 dollar bill bottle stopper that will definitely turn some heads the next time you drop by the neighborhood restaurant for some fine dining, although do not expect to get the same level of service the next time you drop by because the staff would have realized that you’re a phoney, and can’t even tip them properly. Made out of plastic, the Cha-Ching Bottle Stopper measures approximately 5.25″ tall and 1.25″wide.

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