Cat Keyboard Scratcher

by edwin - on August 11th, 2014

cat-kb-scratcherCats need to scratch stuff, just as much as a dog needs to get its daily walks, it is just one of those characteristics of our feline friends that we ought to look into if we were to make sure that our beloved pet cat ends up as a well rounded character. Having said that, you might want to make sure that the rest of your expensively assembled furniture collection at home remains free from cat scratch marks, so it is best to purchase a dedicated scratching post or area for Garfield. Why not add a dash of humor to the situation with the $11.99 Cat Keyboard Scratcher? After all, it will not only get the job done, but who knows, it might actually inspire the more musically inclined among you to come up with something that will not only soothe the soul, but be a potential hit on the BIllboard Top 100 as well. Cat not included.

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