Buster’s Spare Key Hiding Spot

by edwin - on August 15th, 2014

buster-keysYou know something? Life isn’t fun when you are faced with certain situations – a leaking roof, unpaid bills, shortage of money, poor health, and of course, the classic “step into an animal’s stinking pile of poo” situation. The last bit normally happens when you are dressed to the nines and cannot wait to kill the dance floor with your silky moves. Having said that, for those of us who still live in relatively safe neighborhoods, meaning we can leave our doors unlocked when we sleep, or even hide our house’s keys underneath a doormat, perhaps the odorless $7.99 Buster’s Spare Key Hiding Spot might be a funny alternative. After all, which potential thief would think of looking under a pile of poo? Just make sure that you are a dog owner in the first place before trying to pull this off…

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