Buck the German Shepherd Mask

by edwin - on August 29th, 2014

buckWearing a mask like the $29.99 Buck the German Shepherd Mask can certainly be extremely disconcerting, but if you happen to be a manager who has a great sense of humor, and yet want to get your point across to the rest of your underlings that you are not someone who deals with a lot of nonsense, then this is the mask to wear during one of those casual Fridays. Sure, it might – nay, it will make you look awkward like all get out, but at least it makes the meeting a whole lot more hilarious at the beginning before you start laying down the law on wayward employees. Not only that, it establishes and reinforces the fact that you’re the alpha at the office, and you’ve been kind enough not to mark your territory on your underlings’ cubicles until now.

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