Zombie Hand Wine Bottle Stand

by edwin - on July 12th, 2014

zombie-handHave you watched Stephen King’s “The Shining”? Now that was certainly a movie that scared the heck out of a lot of people, me included. Imagine living in a haunted house – make that an entire haunted resort, and your bartender is not all who he seems to be. Reality, however, can be very stark, and the only thing haunted about your life would most probably be your past. However, this does not mean the undead do not have a role to play in your life – no sir, not with the $29.99 Zombie Hand Wine Bottle Stand. It is ideal to hold your favorite bottle of wine, going to show how the dead (or undead in this matter) and wine work well together, since wine too, is stored underground, albeit in a cellar, so why not let a zombie hand hold it?

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