UFO Panda Stand Up Sticky Notes

by edwin - on July 16th, 2014

ufo-panda-notesJust when you thought that aliens in their comfortable looking UFOs do beam folks up, here comes the $4.99 UFO Panda Stand Up Sticky Notes that throws all conventional wisdom out of the window. It seems that humans are not the only ones who will be subjected to grisly experiments as well as anal probes, but them peace loving pandas as well, who prefer nothing else than a quiet environment as they munch on their beloved bamboo shoots. The UFO Panda Stand Up Sticky Notes will let you jot down all your to-do lists and reminders, and since it looks so striking, you need not fret about forgetting any single bit of tasks on your “to do” list, ever again! Once you have written stuff down, just fold it upwards with the bottom part stuck to a desk, and voila!

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