Tough Cookies Cookie Cutter

by edwin - on July 24th, 2014

toughcookieIt does look as though the trend for tattoos is not going to let up anytime soon, so why not get on with the program instead? However, there is a right way of getting your tattoos done, in a safe manner so that you do not end up contracting a disease of one kind or another during the process due to unhygienic practices. Having said that, if you would like to take the “safe route”, so to speak, there is always the $11.99 Tough Cookies Cookie Cutter. The name itself gives the game away – the Tough Cookies Cookie Cutter deserves a place in any kitchen with a talented baker inside, as it allows the creative person to bake some classic tattoo designs in addition to putting perfect finishing touches with royal icing. A quartet of classic designs has been included in this particular set, namely Swallow, Heart + Dagger, Anchor and Rose.

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