Totoro Coin Purse

by edwin - on July 31st, 2014

totoro-coin-purseWhile some of us do happen to have neighbors that we would love to hate, right from the very bottom of our hearts, Totoro, a cute Japanese anime character, is touted to be everyone’s favorite neighbor. Get an overload of cuteness with the $19.99 Totoro Coin Purse then, where this unique coin purse will be able to hold your change for the Catbus, or whatever forms of public transport that you would like to take after that. You will be able to receive either Oh-Totoro (grey) or Chu-Totoro (blue), depending on your luck at that point in time. Oh yeah, apart from storing away your collection of coins, the Totoro Coin Purse is also ideal when it comes to stashing away other smaller items including the likes of earbuds and keys.

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