Star Trek Klingon D’k tahg Letter Opener

by edwin - on July 30th, 2014

klingon_dktahg_letter_openerStar Trek fans, just because you think that you have gotten every single collectible imaginable concerning the Star Trek universe at the moment, it always pays dividends to keep a keen eye out for something new. Case in point, this $24.99 Star Trek Klingon D’k tahg Letter Opener. Of course, as anyone familiar with the Star Trek sci-fi series will know, the Klingon is not exactly the friendliest of species out there, and more often than not, their warring nature would include some spillage of blood. In fact, this Letter Opener might probably have shed some blood in the past, but once you gain possession of it, it is meant to be used for far more peaceful purposes – that is, to open up letters in your letter box.

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