Squirrel Key Ring & Holder

by edwin - on July 2nd, 2014

squirrel-key-ring-holderNot all key rings and holders are the same, as you can attest with this $18.99 Squirrel Key Ring & Holder. This is one particularly adorable key ring as well as holder that would function as the perfect home accessory, not to mention adding a dash of humor in the event where it has been a particularly difficult day at the office. This unique squirrel will always pop out to remind you that your keys are with him, in addition to being a great visual reminder that you should never leave your house without bringing your keys along. Whenever the log that he hides in is not being being used as a key holder, it will be able to function as a hook for your purse, or whatever else that you would want to hang stuff on to. Isn’t that neat or what?

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