Shark Plush comforts you instead of giving the heebie jeebies

by edwin - on July 2nd, 2014

shark-plushI suppose the film “Jaws” did give many people the fear of hitting the waves on their next beach vacation, but it has been proven year after year that more sharks die at the hands of us humans than having humans “function” as shark bait – simply because we are not part of their main meal, and more often than not, shark attacks on humans happen to be mistakes on the shark’s part, and not due to them seeing a human paddling in the water, as they lick their lips (if they have any) and go, “Hmmm, humans for dinner tonight?” Hence, the $14.99 Shark Plush would go a long way in helping your little ones sleep tight at night, and I suppose if you tell them that sharks prefer monsters over humans as their food, your kids would love the Shark Plush a whole lot more as he or she instructs the shark to be on the lookout for monsters underneath the bed and in the cupboard.

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