Shaken Chemist Cocktail Kit

by edwin - on July 1st, 2014

cocktail-kitThere is nothing quite like having quality drinks all round the next time you host a party, although going hand in hand with that would be great music. The thing is, making good cocktails is an art, and will require a fair amount of experience, but what happens when it has been condensed down to a science? This is where the £19.99 Shaken Chemist Cocktail Kit comes in handy. The Shaken Chemist Cocktail Kit will let you treat cocktail-making in the same vein as that of experimental science, simply because the thought pattern goes in that particular direction. The kit will feature a 1 liter mixing flask with a sturdy cork bung to prevent spills, while there is also a well-stained notebook that carries a whole lot of cocktail recipes. This is one textbook I would not mind revising all the time!

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