Ride-A-Rocket Pen Holder

by edwin - on July 13th, 2014

penholder-rocketGetting organized is definitely a skill that all of us should pick up. After all, the world would be a far more messy place if none of the world’s leaders were organized in their way of doing things, not to mention being organized is well worth the effort if one would like to be efficient in doing things. However, there are moments in life when a particular pen goes wayward or solo because there is no pen holder or space left in sight, and that is when you need to nip the problem in the bud by picking up the $12.99 Ride-A-Rocket Pen Holder. This is a cute looking pen holder that makes it look as though someone is about to launch into space, allowing you to daydream for a while on how life would be like as an astronaut before reality kicks in and your boss’ face appears in front of you, demanding that long overdue report.

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