Richie The Repeating Rabbit

by edwin - on July 30th, 2014

repeating-rabbitHave you ever had the experience of talking to someone younger than you – including your baby brother or sister, only to have he or she talk back by repeating every single word that comes out of your mouth? It can get pretty irritating after a while, no doubt about that, and if you were to physically hit your younger sibling, the wrath of your parents would fall on you instead. Well, plan your “revenge” with the $15.99 Richie The Repeating Rabbit, and use Richie to repeat whatever your younger sibling repeats to you. Squeezing Richie’s hand would make a yellow light appear, which is the cue that Richie is ready to listen with his sensitive bunny ears all that is being said, before it stores the 30 second “talk” and repeats back all of the dirty secrets heard.

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