Reusable Soda Can Lids & Straws

by edwin - on July 26th, 2014

reusable-soda-lid-strawStraws are great for sucking – and in a good way, as there is nothing quite like gulping down an ice cold Coke in the middle of a hot summer with a straw. Well, there are times when there will be unexpected guests dropping in to your drink – literally, of course, such as an ant who was on the lookout for something sweet, or a fly (ewww). To make sure that nothing of that sort happens, this is where the $3.99 Reusable Soda Can Lids & Straws come in handy. Not only will it be able to protect insects from drowning, it will also ensure that you will be able to maintain your drink’s cleanliness, while having a straw handy at all times. It is not capable of holding back the fizz though, so do take note of that.

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