Pro Thumb Wrestling Arena

by edwin - on July 23rd, 2014

pro-thumb-wrestling-arenaThumb wrestling is always a great way to release stress in a fun way, and it also does not include boozing that might induce one into a state of drunkenness. Since one is unable to thumb wrestle alone, a partner is always required, and if you would like to make things more realistic by spicing it up, the $6.99 Pro Thumb Wrestling Arena would get the job done. This full-size, officially sanctioned professional thumb wrestling ring would require all contenders to insert their thumbs through the opposite corner holes, before the announcement pleasantries are made and the thumbs can come out wrestling. It boasts of an unpadded thumb slammin’ floor, where contoured thumb holes will work great to fit both thin or thick thumbs. Not only that, there are also real turnbuckles for real pros, while flexible ropes lock in the action.

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