Plui Cloud Bath Toy

by edwin - on July 14th, 2014

pluiTruly wonderful, the mind of a child is. After all, they have not quite lost their innocence, and the kind of questions that they ask can be soul searching at times. However, there are moments when it can get extremely difficult in answering the question of the little ones, including those such as “Where does the rain come from?” Why not pick up the $12.99 Plui Cloud Bath Toy as a tool to make bath time more fun while answering that particular question? One can immerse Plui in water while covering the nozzle with a finger. When the finger is removed from the nozzle, Plui will rain. It is the ideal toy for baths, far better than a rubber duckie, but it might turn the situation around and your child would no longer want to get out of the bath tub until his fingers and toes look like prunes, just to play with Plui.

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