Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned Helmet

by edwin - on July 4th, 2014

cooling-helmetWearing a helmet can prove to be an extremely stifling experience, just ask any motorcyclist and they will tell you. Of course, the helmet has an extremely important role – that is, to ensure that your head gets protected from falling items, as well as the possibility of you being thrown out of your two-wheeled ride in an accident. Well, the $181 Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned Helmet is certainly extremely pricey, but on the plus side, it will help keep your head nice and cool, now how about that? This is made possible thanks to a special air-conditioning built-in fan unit that is located right behind. Touted to decrease your head temperature by 6.9°C (44.4°F) and humidity by 32%, it makes me wonder whether this particular device was devised by Tony Stark himself.

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