Houreisen Tsumamin Smile Lines Clip

by edwin - on July 16th, 2014

smile-lines-clipHaving a winning smile is definitely part of the arsenal that you can use in order to win over enemies as well as make new friends. After all, it takes a whole lot less muscles to smile than to frown, and it does not cost you a single cent to boot. However, for those who feel that they want to go further in developing a winning smile, chewing gum is not the answer. Instead, you will have to be prepared to fork out a whopping (relatively speaking as you can see for yourself concerning this tool) $70 for the Houreisen Tsumamin Smile Lines Clip. Yes sir, a clip that looks rather painful to wear, but it promises the end result of a winning smile that gets rid of those “smile lines” or “laugh lines” which are part of aging. It is said to take just 10 minutes of use each day to counteract the sagging of your skin, without affecting your smile along the way.

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