Fizz Ninja

by edwin - on July 17th, 2014

fizz-ninjaDrinking a glass of Coke that has gone flat is nobody’s idea of fun, that is for sure. However, there are times in life when our bottle of Coca-Cola has been opened, and we are unable to finish it. What then can be done? Pouring it down the drain is a definite waste, and giving it away to a neighbor will most probably be deemed as an insult. I suppose there is no one else who can be called upon to save the day other than the $4.99 Fizz Ninja. One of the cheapest ninjas in town to employ to do your dirty job, the Fizz Ninja is skilled in the art of fresh soda pop protection. Apart from protecting your favorite cola drink from losing its effervescence, he carries this intimidating stare coupled with a raised blade that will surely scare away anyone raiding your fridge!

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