Doraemon Kakigori Shaved Ice Maker

by edwin - on July 19th, 2014

doraemon-kakigori-shaved-ice-maker-machineDoraemon is a robotic cat who has traveled back in time to live with Nobita, and his magical pocket has more often than not saved the day for Nobita and his friends. I suppose you can more or less call this the Japanese equivalent of Calvin and Hobbes, except that Doraemon is no imaginary stuffed tiger friend of Nobita, but an actual robotic cat. He is missing his two ears though, as a mouse did chew them off in the past, hence Doraemon’s phobia of these critters. However, if you have $70 to spare, welcome this summer with the Doraemon Kakigori Shaved Ice Maker that will definitely brighten up your kitchen with its presence. You will be able to play around with shaved ice recipes, so go nuts with the different ingredients that you can purchase from the local supermarket! Each purchase will come with a pair of shaved ice cups to help you get started.

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