Decaf is for Wimps Mug

by edwin - on July 19th, 2014

decaf-wimpsFor those of us who love to drink coffee I am quite sure that we have a favorite mug to drink from. However, there seems to be this abomination known a decaf coffee going around, making it on par with that of non-carbonated Coke as well as low fat milk. It just does not seem to add up at all. In order to state your point, here is the $9.99 Decaf is for Wimps Mug. Made out of ceramic, it looks like a coffee pot and it would be heresy if a single drop of non-caffeinated goes into this particular mug. While this ceramic mug looks like a pot of coffee, it ironically sports an orange top that typically indicates that it’s decaf, with the entire shebang capable of holding about 8 ounces of regular coffee.

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