DeadPool 3D 16oz Mug

by edwin - on July 1st, 2014

deadpool-mugOne of the cooler characters in the Marvel universe, specifically under the X-Men realm would be that of Deadpool – a fast talking assassin who might be able to drive even the likes of Spiderman crazy. Unfortunately, Deadpool’s portrayal in the Wolverine: Origins movie happens to make a mockery out of this character, and the end result was some sort of weird amalgamation of mutant powers while losing his most notable character trait of all – the ability to speak. That was sad treatment, really, but thankfully the $9.99 DeadPool 3D 16oz Mug will restore balance to the universe, as you can take your favorite drink from the merc with your mouth. Each sip might just make you think of the next witty repartee…

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